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Minister of the environment visits repsol emergency control center and observes cleanup progress

By February 1, 2022February 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Lima, February 01, 2022. The Minister of the Environment, Rubén Ramirez, today visited the Emergency Control Center that Repsol has at the La Pampilla Refinery, where cleanup work is coordinated with worldleading companies contracted by Repsol specialized in oil spill containment and cleanup work. During his visit, the minister was able to see the progress in the sea and coastline reported by the company.
Among the companies contracted is Lamor, which specializes in oil recovery, waste management and water treatment. Lamor was chosen based on its extensive experience and rapid response capacity. Lamor has had an office in Peru since 2013.
Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), a company internationally recognized for its specialized services to respond to oil spills anywhere in the world, is also providing immediate response and intervention services.
Marino Morikawa, a Peruvian scientist who leads a team made up of experts in cleaning and extraction of hydrocarbons in water and soil, has also joined the group of international experts contracted and coordinated by Repsol to carry out the cleanup work this week.
In the Emergency Control Center installed by Repsol, a platform has been deployed that uses the most advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics techniques in the worldto deal with this situation in the most agile way possible. The minister was able to see the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology to monitor the progress of the cleanup work at sea, as well as the real-time identification of stains so that they can be removed immediately.
Repsol appreciates the minister’s visit and his interest in the progress of the schedule presented to the authorities by the company, according to which we expect to complete the cleanup of the beaches and the impacted maritime area by the end of February. We reiterate that our commitment to the cleanup work is absolute, as well as support for the population and the attention to the fauna.