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Eric Stucchi


February 8, 2022February 24th, 2022Testimonials

Specialist Eric Stucchi reports on the progress of the cleanup in the Pasamayo area.

Eric Stucchi, Director of Conciencia Ambiental – COAM PERU, is a specialist in dealing with oil spills at sea, and he is one of the experts on the team that carries out the cleanup work along the Peruvian coastline and at sea. Stucchi tells us about the work in Pasamayo, where significant progress has been made.

“With the use of oceanic barriers, we have managed to contain the route of the slicks from Chancay to the north of Pasamayo. We are recovering the oil in an efficient manner, and the sea is practically clean.”

He also spoke about the beach cleanup, which continues at the expected pace. “This is part of the final stage of a process of remediation or cleaning of beaches where we remove foam that comes out of the rocks.”

The specialist, who has more than 14 years of experience, explained the manual cleaning work for some areas of the coastline. “We are working with specialized personnel who are deployed to clean the rocks and rocky areas and recover the hydrocarbons.”


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