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Conditions are ripe for the reactivation of fishing and the reopening of beaches

By December 27, 2022January 10th, 2023Committed to remediation
  • With new analyses, Repsol Peru reconfirms that the sea and beaches are clean of hydrocarbons in the areas affected by the January 15 spill.

Lima, December 27, 2022 New physicochemical and hydrobiological samplings have been carried out to reconfirm the current state of the beaches, water, marine sediment, and ecosystems in the affected areas. The results obtained show that 100% of the points analyzed comply with the most demanding international quality standards and national norms, confirming that the sea is clean of hydrocarbons and that the beaches would be accessible without risk to health and the environment.

The work was carried out during the months of October and November by Environmental Resources Management (ERM), one of the most prestigious international companies in environmental management.

ERM also states that there is no detection of hydrocarbons in the marine biodiversity or wildlife. ERM experts point out that: “the available analyses of tissues of organisms (both at intertidal and subtidal level) do not show any detection of hydrocarbons.”

These new analyses and the evidence presented in various reports from different institutions corroborate that the conditions are in place for the reactivation of fishing and recreational and commercial activities on the beaches.

ERM will continue taking and analyzing samples during the next few months, in faithful compliance with monitoring protocols and international procedures, and we will continue reporting these results.

The Pampilla Refinery reiterates its commitment to the country and the affected populations.