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Committed to the recovery of wildlife affected by the oil spill in Peru

By April 12, 2022August 10th, 2022Action plan

At Repsol we are committed to recovering the wildlife affected by the oil spill that occured during the unloading of the Mare Doricum tanker on January 15.

Thus, in collaboration with public entities and Auiká Consultoría, we have contributed to releasing the first group of 39 rehabilitated birds on the coast. These birds have undergone cleaning, recovery, and rehabilitation processes in the Rescue Center provided by Repsol. 

In this group of 39 birds were included: 4 Peruvian gulls, 4 Franklin’s gulls, and 31 Peruvian boobies, which were treated, examined, hydrated, and fed by experts convened by the Government and Repsol, before their release back into the wild. 

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