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With the support of the military, we have more than 2,000 people working to clean up the sea and coastline.

By January 24, 2022February 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Some 300 Peruvian military personnel have joined the cleanup of the area affected by the oil spill on January 15. This is thanks to cooperation between the national authorities and Repsol, which has been providing support in terms of food and personal protection equipment (PPE) for the development of this work.
As a result, there are currently more than 2,000 people participating in the cleanup of the Peruvian sea and coastline, a task which, according to the schedule sent to the authorities, is expected to be completed by the end of February. To date, the company has managed to remove more than 9,000 m3 of compromised sand, comprising the soil moved to La Pampilla Refinery and what has been gathered, equal to approximately 1,800 containers. The compromised sand is taken to the refinery for remediation treatment and then returned to the beaches.
It should be noted that each of the military personnel has received guidelines for the development of the activities from specialized technicians.
For the development of the cleanup activities, Repsol currently has 71 units of heavy machinery and 9 skimmers (marine cleaning equipment), 25 major vessels, 30 smaller vessels, 9 floating tanks, and more than 3,570 meters of containment barrier installed between the Cavero and Faro Chancay beaches.
Repsol thanks the Peruvian Armed Forces for its valuable contribution, as well as other civilian organizations that have been cooperating with the rescue of the affected natural areas.
Lima, January 24, 2022