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We continue with the monitoring and surveillance of the 28 areas in which the first response actions have been completed.

By June 7, 2022June 30th, 2022Action plan

At Repsol we maintain our commitment to the development of the country. According to the plan presented to the competent authorities, on April 13 we have notified the completion of the first response actions, with the delivery of the 28 areas for review and compliance.

Our team is currently supporting the permanent monitoring and surveillance in all areas, by water, air and sea.


Playa Las Viñas

Las Viñas Beach

Playa San Francisco

San Francisco Beach

Playa Club Naval de Ancón

Club Naval de Ancón Beach

Playa Isla Mata Cuatro

Isla Mata Cuatro Beach

Playa Los Delfines

Los Delfines Beach

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