Sustainable Projects

Our commitment is to encourage social and economic development in our communities through social activities and programs.

More information about our strategic alliances:

Ángeles D1

We have been working with D1 since 2005 to offer the opportunity to develop community leadership through arts for young people from shanty towns in Ventanilla and Mi Perú. In 2022, we will open new spaces in Ancon and Chancay.

More information about this alliance in the following article.


For 16 years, we have been encouraging healthy lifestyles in extremely poor areas of Ventanilla. In the future, the program will be available in Ancón, Santa Rosa, Chancay and Aucallama.

More information about our strategic alliances in the following article.

Strong as iron

We started this program with the Food Bank in 2022 to strengthen the nourishment of 4,400 people belonging to 71 local canteens and street menus in Ventanilla and Ancon.

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Alliance against Cancer

The cancer detection and prevention program includes clinical examination of breasts, lymph nodes, thyroid and Papanicolaou.

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Workshops with MAB

We create learning spaces for teachers and children in Ventanilla related to social-emotional skills and community life.

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