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By January 27, 2022April 23rd, 2022Committed to remediation
  • The company is also in advanced talks with the fishermen’s associations of Santa Rosa and the district of Ancon.
  • More than 2,000 people will be involved in sea and beach clean-up activities.

Lima, January 27, 2022. Repsol has been holding meetings and coordinating with civil society organizations and local authorities to learn about their needs and provide them with support in response to the situation generated by the oil spill in Ventanilla.

A collaboration agreement has been signed with shopkeepers in Santa Rosa, who have joined in the clean-up work being led by the company. Repsol is in advanced talks with the fishermen’s associations of the same locality and of the district of Ancon, which represent more than 1,000 fishermen. At the same time, dialogue is underway with the Association of Shipowners and Artisanal Fishermen Miguel Grau and Puerto-Chancay, as well as with representatives of the Association of Sombrilleros de Santa Rosa, to learn about their needs. These efforts are in addition to the agreements reached with four fishermen’s organizations in Ventanilla, which are already receiving support from the company.

Repsol has also held meetings with the Head of the Environmental Unit of the Municipality of Chancay and with the authorities of the Santa Rosa and Aucallama districts.

It should be noted that the company maintains constant communication with national authorities. Yesterday meetings were held with the General Directorate of the Coast Guard (DICAPI) and the National Water Authority (ANA).

Remediation progress 

As of today, more than 2,000 people are carrying out clean-up actions in the Peruvian sea and coastal areas affected by the oil spill of January 15. Yesterday, Repsol started recovery and clean-up operations in Isla Pescadores with small boats. There are already 119 units of heavy machinery on land, 22 larger vessels, 30 smaller vessels, 3 skimmers, and 11 floating tanks. More than 4,880 meters of containment barrier have been installed between the Cavero and Faro Chancay beaches.

Simultaneously, three teams from Aiuká, a company specialized in wildlife rescue, have been deployed to support the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP), the National Forestry Service (SERFOR), and the Parque de las Leyendas Zoo.