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Repsol reaffirms its commitment to the affected communities in Congress

By March 9, 2022March 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Lima, March 9, 2022. The president of Repsol Peru, Jaime Fernández-Cuesta, participated today in an extraordinary session of the Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples, Environment and Ecology Commission of the Congress of the Republic.

This is the third time that company representatives have appeared before this commission of inquiry to explain the company’s actions and its commitment to clean up and remediate all the effects of the Mare Doricum spill and provide support to the people who are suffering its consequences.

The president of Repsol Purse said, “our commitment is absolute and long term.”. He also explained that the company’s priority is to reach all the people affected.

As part of this commitment, on March 4, Repsol signed an agreement with the Peruvian Government that will benefit more than 5,000 people, including fishermen and traders, and help the company reach all those affected more quickly. According to the agreement, those identified as affected by the spill, through a census carried out by INDECI and in coordination with the company, will receive a partial compensation advance of up to S/3,000 to mitigate the impact on their labor income.

Before signing the agreement with the Government, the company had signed four (4) compensation agreements with 1,636 fishermen through the Association of Artisanal Fishermen of Ancon, the Confederation of Artisanal Fishermen of the Rivera de Chancay, the Association of Artisanal Fishermen and Shipowners Jose Olaya Balandra of the Port of Chancay and the Pachacutano Youth Movement Association.

In addition, Repsol has been providing basic necessities support to people grouped in 82 fishermen and merchants’ collectives in Chancay, Ancón, Santa Rosa, and Ventanilla. To date, more than 7,000 vouchers and cards of S/. 500 have been delivered. The company will also coordinate with the groups mentioned above to develop medium and long-term support plans, focusing on productive projects and diversification workshops for the affected economic sectors.

Finally, during his speech, Jaime Fernández-Cuesta also highlighted the commitment that Repsol has had for more than 25 years with the population of Ventanilla, where La Pampilla Refinery is located, through social development, health, reforestation and sustainability projects.

Repsol has been in the country since 1996, working for the development of Peruvian society, and has a local team of more than 3,000 people.