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Repsol Peru signs final compensation agreements with more than 3,200 families

By October 21, 2022January 10th, 2023Committed to remediation

October 21, 2022 The La Pampilla Refinery has reached final compensation agreements with more than 3,200 families, which is equivalent to almost a third of the Single Registry of Affected Persons prepared by the Government, composed of about 10,300 people.

Final compensation agreements have been reached with various groups such as: ice cream vendors, parasol vendors, motorcycle taxi drivers, beach vendors, and food vendors, among others, all of whom belong to the affected districts of Ventanilla, Ancon, Santa Rosa, Aucallama, and Chancay.

Additionally, the company has given advances on account of these final compensation agreements. The final compensation agreements are made through a process of dialogue with the representative groups involved, and the entire process follows the guidelines established by the United Nations for these cases.

The company reiterates its long-term commitment to the country. At the same time, it urges and reaffirms its collaboration with the authorities so that economic activities return to the area as soon as possible.

Acuerdos finales de compensación