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Repsol Perú has reached agreements with almost 90% of the affected people

By April 14, 2023April 24th, 2023Action plan, Committed to remediation
  • There are almost 9.000 people, among them, artisanal fishermen, businessmen, umbrella vendors, ice cream vendors, etc., from Ventanilla, Ancón, Santa Rosa, Aucallama and Chancay.
  • According to the company’s latest monitoring in the spill area, and with the support of accredited laboratories, there were not hydrocarbon- derived organic compounds (PAH) found in fish or invertebrates.

Lima, April 14th, 2023.- La Pampilla Refinery has been working to compensate people affected by the oil spill in Ventanilla. Up to now, total compensation agreements have been reached with almost nine thousand people from different economic activities such as artisanal fishermen, businessmen, restaurant owners, umbrella vendors, ice cream vendors, among others. It means close to 90% of the Single Registry of Affected People made by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and INDECI.

Among the signatories, there are more than 2.800 artisanal fishermen. In this way, Repsol agrees to compensate affected people from the districts of Ventanilla, Ancón, Santa Rosa, Aucallama and Chancay.

Agreements are reached after a negotiation process with the people or their representative groups as a result of the affectation degree identified on each family, in accordance with the guidelines established by United Nations.

On the other hand, the latest marine fauna inspection performed in the spill area concluded that PAHs, which are hydrocarbon-derived organic compounds, were not found in samplings of fish tissues (such as bobo mullet, ray, bagre, sharptooth smoothhound, planiliza, lorna drum, morwong, and giant blenny), crustaceans ( mole crab, sand crab, hairy crab, and blue crab) and other species such as black snail, dwarf mussel or sea urchin. This report, prepared by the Environmental Resources Management, a company with high international prestige in terms of sustainability, was published in March 2023 and supported by accredited laboratories.

This report has been delivered to the corresponding authorities. According to La Pampilla Refinery, these results confirm that sea and marine fauna are suitable to reactivate artisanal fishing.

As a result, the company has requested authorities to ratify that the hydrobiological resources of the area meet health standards so that artisanal fishermen may officially restart their productive activities.