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Repsol has signed collaboration agreements that benefit more than 1,600 fishermen and traders

By January 29, 2022April 23rd, 2022Committed to remediation
  • The company reaches a collaboration agreement with the Ancon Fishermen’s Association, which represents 1,045 people.

Lima, January 29, 2022. As part of the spill response, Repsol has signed a collaboration agreement with the Fishermen’s Association of the district of Ancon, which represents 1,045 fishermen. This agreement is in addition to the recent collaboration agreement signed with 93 merchants of Santa Rosa, who have been joining the clean-up efforts.

Repsol has previously signed collaboration agreements with fishermen’s associations representing 307 people and communities linked to the fishing activity in Ventanilla, in addition to beach businesses, which total 206. Likewise, there is a register of fishermen and merchants’ associations in Chancay to channel aid in the coming days to groups affected by the oil spill.

In the last few hours, the company has held other meetings with representatives of affected groups, such as the street vendors of Playa Blanca, and it expects to reach new agreements shortly to extend social coverage.

Repsol remains in continuous dialogue with the authorities and the affected communities to understand their needs and provide support for the duration of this situation.

Remediation progress

To date, the company has recovered 35% of the spilled product. As of today, Repsol has 2,489 people carrying assisting in the clean-up of the sea and beach areas. It already has 144 units of heavy machinery, 25 floating tanks, 9 skimmers (marine cleaning equipment), 32 major vessels, and 30 smaller vessels. At the same time, more than 4,880 meters of containment barrier have been installed between the Cavero and Faro Chancay beaches.

To care for the affected wildlife, the three Aiuká teams remain deployed in support of the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (SERNANP), the National Forestry Service (SERFOR), and Parque de las Leyendas Zoo. A total of 100 kg of animal feed has already been delivered, and next week the supply is expected to be increased to 210 kg.

Repsol reiterates its absolute commitment to the clean-up, recovery and remediation work, as well as to support the affected population and care for the environment.