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Repsol: Cleanup actions completed, we await authority´s evaluation

By August 15, 2022January 10th, 2023Action plan

On April 13, we reported the sea, seabed, beaches and accessible areas clean and ready for the authorities’ confirmation.

For this, we conducted more than 1,400 physicochemical samplings along the coast – from Ventanilla to Chancay – in sea, seafloor and beaches; resulting optimal according to the values determined by Peruvian legislation and the highest international standards. This sampling was carried out in compliance with the guidelines and directives defined by the Environmental Evaluation and Control Agency (OEFA).

Subsequently, OEFA proceeded to perform its own sampling and evaluation. To date, we are still awaiting their final report so that economic activities can be resumed in the impacted areas and/or, if necessary, rehabilitation plans can be implemented where appropriate.

In inaccessible areas, such as the Pasamayo Coil, because of the high risk to the safety of personnel, permanent monitoring and surveillance is maintained from the sea in case small amounts of product are identified that could be released due to the natural action of waves and tides.

While awaiting the final evaluation report from OEFA, we continue patrolling the coastline by air, sea and land. We reiterate our collaboration with all authorities so that activities in the area can be resumed as soon as possible.

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