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Report prepared by Gestión Pesquera Sostenible, by the main professor of the Faculty of Fisheries of La Universidad Agraria, Luis Icochea Salas

By January 13, 2023February 2nd, 2023Action plan

According to the Sustainable Fishing Management report dated January 2023, the main professor of the Faculty of Fishing of the Agrarian University, Luis Icochea, stated that: “according to many inspections performed by a submarine drone between 4 and 18 meters below sea level in different areas of Ventanilla and Chancay, the seabed next to the coastline was free of oil”, and, in addition, “no harmful effects caused by oil were observed in fish, algae, crustaceans and shellfishes; it was demonstrated when 100 samples were analyzed in a certified laboratory”.

Fuente: YouTube Gestión Pesquera Sostenible