Frequently Asked Questions

How many compensation agreements have been reached with families affected by the oil spill?

La Pampilla Refinery has reached final compensation agreements with more than 8,000 families, that is, one third of the Single Registry of Affected Persons, which was created by the Peruvian Government and consists of 10,300 people approximately.

Who are the beneficiaries of Repsol’s compensation agreements?

These final compensation agreements were reached with many groups, among them: artisanal fishermen, ice cream vendors, parasol vendors, moto taxi drivers, beach vendors, food vendors, among others, all of them from the affected districts of   Ventanilla, Ancón, Santa Rosa, Aucallama and Chancay.

How did they develop the compensation agreements?

Final compensation agreements are reached through a negotiation process with involved representative groups, and the entire process meets guidelines established by United Nations for these circumstances.

Is there any latest news about the remediation plans in the areas affected by the oil spill?

Repsol will perform remediation plans in the corresponding areas after the completion of the cleanup activities announced last April. Once again, the company confirms its commitment to recover the coastline’s original state.

Is there any evidence to reopen beaches?

According to latest physical chemical and hydrobiological samplings aimed at determining the current state of beaches, marine sediments and ecosystem life along the areas affected by the oil spill, 100% of the analyzed areas meet the most demanding international quality standards, as well as national regulations.

What is the conclusion of oefa’s latest report?

According to this new report regarding the presence of hydrocarbons in the water, it is concluded that 15 out of 25 beaches located in the spill area are suitable for swimming and recreational activities. Although it is different from the positive results obtained by other independent environmental entities, OEFA’s latest results are favorable and contribute to continuing working on restoring the coastline.

It is important to mention that oefa’s report is mainly based on the samplings obtained between march and june

According to Supreme Executive Order No. 039-214-EM, La Pampilla Refinery will perform an Environmental Remediation Plan, which must be approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and then implemented by the company.