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Disagreement on the resolution issued by the OEFA, and the Directorate of Environmental Supervision in Energy and Mines

By January 31, 2022February 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Repsol confirms that it has received notification of Resolution No. 00013-2022-OEFA/DSEM. The company, without prejudice of not sharing a resolution it considers disproportionate and unreasonable, but in order to guarantee the supply of its products, expresses its full availability to collaborate with the Peruvian authorities, so that the indicated activities can be resumed as soon as possible.
The La Pampilla refinery supplies 40% of the Peruvian fuel market and, therefore, Repsol will make every effort to avoid the risk of shortages of essential products for Peruvian citizens and the country’s development.
In the meantime, Repsol continues to focus all its resources and efforts on cleaning up the spill and supporting the affected populations and fauna.
Lima, 31 January 2022.