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Cleanup work is progressing favorably. international consulting firm joins the marine fauna rescue work.

By January 23, 2022February 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Today, the clean-up work on land and at sea is progressing favorably, with more than 1,800 people deployed. The supply of additional protection, absorption, and dispersant material continues, and the personnel deployed are supported by 58 units of heavy machinery, 55 vessels, five skimmers (marine cleaning equipment), seven floating tanks, and 2,800 meters of containment barrier installed between Cavero and Faro Chancay. To date, the company has managed to move more than 6,000 m3 of soil, by adding the soil moved to La Pampilla Refinery to that gathered, the equivalent of 1,200 containerloads.
Ministry of the Environment personnel supervised the work from Playas Cavero to Miramar and yesterday conducted a tour of the northern beaches from Chancay to Playa Chica in Huacho.
Taking care of the fauna is one of the company’s priorities. Accordingly, Repsol announces the reinforcement of the assistance work with the incorporation of the technical team of Aiuká Consultoría Ambiental, an internationally recognized company specialized in marine fauna rescue activities, to join efforts in the mitigation and remediation work in areas affected by the oil spill.

Aiuká has already begun to act on the ground, realizing patrols from Playa Cavero to Miramar together with Repsol personnel. They have also made a technical visit to support the professionals who are responsible for the medical care of the animals that have been rescued to date. These animals are attended to by animal health professionals, and the company will provide food and medical material for their care.
At the same time, we continue to provide logistical, financial, and personnel support for the rescue of animals, a task that is being carried out in coordination with the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (SERNANP) and the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR).

Repsol would also like to show its gratitude for the support of ONG Vida, with which the company has been working for years to keep the beaches in the Ventanilla area clean, for adding more than 300 volunteers to the waste collection work.
The company reiterates its gratitude to all the people and institutions that have been supporting the attention to and remediation of the affected areas after the oil spill, caused by the anomalous waves following the volcanic eruption in Tonga.
Lima, January 23, 2022