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Cleaning reports and advance of 82%

By February 23, 2022February 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Lima, February 23, 2022. The cleanup works at sea and on the beaches affected by the oil spill of January 15 show an advance of 82%, as stated by Repsol’s Senior Manager of Safety, Quality and Environment, José Reyes, in this video release.

This way, Repsol has completed the process of recovery of hydrocarbons on the surface of the sea, but it maintains its monitoring actions, as well as the necessary resources to attend to possible appearances of oil slicks pulled back to sea by the waves from rocks and cliffs that are still being cleaned.



In the beach areas, the company continues cleaning, using the SCAT methodology. Reyes said that once this process is completed, the authorities will be asked to certify the good condition of the beaches. “This milestone will allow us to monitor them and identify which areas should have a rehabilitation plan,” he added.

The Repsol spokesman said that the work undertaken by the company is long term and reiterated the commitment to leave the Peruvian coast in its natural state.