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According to OEFA’s report, the seawater in all the beaches meet the Environmental Quality Standards

By May 9, 2023May 16th, 2023Committed to remediation
  • La Pampilla Refinery is surprised as the authorities do not accept that the area meets healthy condition to reactivate artisanal fishermen.

Lima, May 9, 2023. La Pampilla is surprised as the authorities do not accept that the area meets healthy condition, so that artisanal fishermen continue their productive activities. According to MINAM’s press release published today not only causes confusion, but also rejects the positive results of the OEFA’s latest report about the seawater.

According to OEFA’s report dated May 5, the seawater in 25 assessed beaches meet the Environmental Quality Standards. The report analyzes samplings taken from the marine coastal area of Ventanilla, Santa Rosa, Ancón, Aucallama and  Chancay between April 12th and 13th of the present year.

Report No. 004-2023-OEFA/DEAM-STEC concludes that: “based on the surveillance environmental assessment performed on April 12th and 13th, 2023 in 17 coastal formations that comprise 25 beaches according to DIGESA, which were affected by the oil spill between January 15th and 24th, 2022, it was evidenced that 25 surface seawater sampling points of the assessed coastal marine zone did not exceed the Environmental Quality Standards (ECA) for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Water (TPH C6-C40), Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (aromatic fraction) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs); in accordance with Supreme Executive Order No. 004-2017-MINAM”.

OEFA’S report dated May 5 is available in the following link: