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Repsol: 21 beaches are ready for monitoring and awaiting reopening for public use

By March 29, 2022April 22nd, 2022Committed to remediation

Lima, March 29, 2022. Repsol informs that last week it has completed the clean-up of 3 new beaches, reaching 21 beaches ready for the corresponding monitoring and awaiting their reopening for public use, a decision that will be taken by the appropriate authority.

The company is currently in the final cleaning phase, concentrating all efforts on rocky and difficult to access areas, prioritizing the safety of the people. Work has begun in San Gaspar, an area located north of Pasamayo, where the materials and waste collected will be removed with the help of a cargo helicopter.

The company is also finalizing the analysis of more than 1,400 water, soil, and sediment samples, as indicated by the authorities. This will be complemented with a second monitoring initiated this week by the authorities, in the areas that have already been declared clean by Repsol.

At sea, we maintain the necessary resources in case new oil slicks appear from rocks and/or cliffs due to natural wave action. In the reserved area of Ancón, in Pasamayo, Dr. Marino Morikawa has been using his otter skimmer.

At sea, the entire coastline continues to be monitored, sparing no resources in the event of the appearance of new oil slicks from rocks or cliffs due to natural wave action.

Repsol reiterates its commitment to the restoration of the Peruvian coastline, deploying all necessary efforts.