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We have organized more than 1,350 trained people and 90 pieces of machinery for the cleanup of sea and coastline

By January 22, 2022February 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Continuing with the mission to attend to the oil spill, Repsol has organized more than 1,350 people to carry out the cleanup work in the affected land and sea area. They are trained for these activities and have their respective personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for this work. The number is estimated to increase by 224 additional people today, which bringing the total number of persons to more than 1,500.
We currently have 90 pieces of machinery in the affected area, including 46 heavy vehicles on land and 13 larger vessels at sea. In addition, we also have seven skimmers (marine cleaning machines), six floating tanks, three recovery tanks, and more than 2,500 meters of containment barrier. An additional 2,500 meters of barrier are expected to be deployed in the coming days.
To date, we have removed more than 2,384 m3 of compromised sand. Aerial monitoring activities are also continuing to detect possible new affected areas.

The deployment of activities currently covers the beaches of Costa Azul, Ventanilla, Cavero, Pachacutec, Bahía Blanca, Playa Chica, Playa Grande, Isla Mata Cuatro, Balneario Marina Sur, Balneario de la Marina Norte, Ancón, Miramar, Pocitas, and Conchitas.
Volunteers from our company, equipped with their respective PPE, are also contributing to different tasks. We reiterate our pride and gratitude to all of them for their commitment and effort.
It should be noted that the activities are led by highly qualified technical personnel. Throughout the duration of the current situation, the company will count on the specialized advice of technical experts in the field and will provide all the necessary resources.

Repsol emphasizes that it is making every effort to remediate the effects of the spill. We highlight the high environmental control requirements of the Peruvian Government, which we are responding to.
Yesterday, we held meetings with the Minister of the Environment, Rubén José Ramirez, and with the President of OEFA, Miriam Alegría Zevallos, to inform them of the progress made and to reiterate our commitment and actions taken to remediate the impact generated by the spill. Also, company representatives are in constant dialogue with local communities to address their needs.
Lima, January 22, 2022