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Valeria Ruoppolo

By February 10, 2022February 14th, 2022Testimonials

Veterinary medicine expert Valeria Ruoppolo details the work being carried out to rescue the affected wildlife.

Valeria Ruoppolo is the director of Aiuká, an organization based in Brazil that specializes in the rescue and treatment of wildlife impacted by oil spills and currently in charge of the spill remediation work off the Peruvian coast. She gave details of the processes they are carrying out.

“Our responsibility is to identify animals on land that need to be captured. We monitor the land, capture the animals in coordination with the authorities, SERNANP and SERFOR, and from there the animals are collected and taken to SERFOR’s collection points,” said Ruoppolo.

The director of Aiuká explained that there are four collection points, located at the Chancay pier, Conchitas beach, Santa Rosa beach, and Cavero beach, and from there the rescued animals are taken to the Parque de las Leyendas. “There they are cared for and receive medical treatment, and they are prepped for cleaning and recovery,” she said.

The veterinary doctor also emphasized the importance of continuing with the monitoring and eventual rescue of animals for the sake of protecting the wildlife. As such, she noted that Aiuká is maintaining its efforts to identify the affected animals, in addition to SERNANP’s permanent monitoring.

Finally, she urged the public not to feed the affected wildlife or try to clean them, since the current conditions require specialized treatment. Instead, she recommended alerting the corresponding authorities, such as SERFOR.