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At Repsol Peru, we firmly believe in the importance of supporting the communities in which we have a presence, and we remain committed to fighting hunger and reducing food waste. For this reason, in 2022, we established a valuable alliance with Banco de Alimentos Perú, a leading NGO whose main objective is to alleviate nutrition problems and minimize food waste.

Thanks to this alliance, we launched the Fuertes como el Hierro (Strong as Iron) program. Through this program, we set out to provide substantial support to the people who need it most. We are proud to announce that we have delivered 100 thousand food rations, 18 thousand kilos of fish and 14 thousand kilos of other essential foodstuffs to 71 common pots located in Ventanilla and Ancon.

Our contribution was not limited to the delivery of food. We recognize the importance of empowering communities and providing them with the necessary tools to build a better future. Therefore, in collaboration with Banco de Alimentos Perú, we conducted capacity-building workshops for more than 300 women leaders of soup kitchens. These workshops allowed participants to enhance their knowledge and skills, focused on the correct recognition of the state of staple foods such as fish, ensuring good nutrition practices.

We are committed to making a positive impact in the communities that need it most. At Repsol Peru, we are proud to contribute to the well-being and sustainable development of our country, empowering mothers so that they can build a stronger and more prosperous future with their sons and daughters.

Together, we are as strong as iron.