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Repsol reports 92% progress in clean-up and completes sample collection

By March 12, 2022March 24th, 2022Committed to remediation

Lima, March 12, 2022. The clean-up work in the sea and coastline has reached 92% progress after the spill of January 15. “To date, we have 16 beaches, which are already clean, and we are awaiting their reopening for public use, a decision that depends on the competent authority,” said the senior manager of Safety, Quality, and Environment, José Reyes.

Also, this week, the company completed the sample collection at sea and on land, fully complying with the mandate and requests of the authorities.  More than 1,400 water, soil, and sediment samples have been collected throughout the affected areas. “Independent and accredited laboratories are analyzing these samples. The results will give us reliable information on the state of the water and seabed along the affected coastline,” added Reyes.

Regarding Natural Protected Areas, the Peruvian scientist Marino Morikawa’s team is ready and awaiting authorization for hydrobiological sampling in these areas.

With these advances, the company maintains continuous monitoring of the coastline and has the necessary resources in case new stains appear from rocks and cliffs due to natural wave action.

Repsol reiterates its commitment to continue working to return the Peruvian coastline to its natural state.