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Repsol will incorporate more than 4,600 additional people included in the Single Registry of Affected Persons in compensation advances

By July 8, 2022July 11th, 2022Committed to remediation

Lima, July 08, 2022. In compliance with the agreement signed with the Government, the company has been granting compensation advances to the people registered in the Single Register of Affected People, prepared by local governments with the technical assistance of INDECI.

According to a communication from the PCM, the State has completed the preparation of the Single Register of Affected People, incorporating more than 4,600 additional people, making a total of 10,186 people affected.

According to what was communicated by the authorities, this complementary registry considers additional economic activities to those previously contemplated, which are related to the service of attention in restaurants, street vendors, among others, belonging to the 5 impacted districts which are: Ancon, Aucallama, Chancay, Santa Rosa and Ventanilla.

The company will proceed to incorporate the new people identified as affected in the compensation advances and, in coordination with the local governments, will begin the process of voluntary subscription of individual certificates as of July 11.

The company will continue to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the communities to determine the compensation to be paid, as well as the corresponding advance payment.

The company reiterates its commitment to the affected people, society and the country.


Progress to date with the communities

Last March 4, La Pampilla Refinery and the Peruvian Government signed an agreement in which the company committed to provide compensation advances to the people registered in the Single Registry of Affected People. Under this agreement the company has so far delivered 2 compensation advances of 3,000 soles each to approximately 6,000 affected people and a third advance is in progress.

The compensation advance is in addition to the first emergency aid granted by the company to 141 groups of more than 4,700 people.