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Repsol delivered to the authorities the detailed schedule of cleanup in the sea and land coastline

By January 21, 2022March 26th, 2022Committed to remediation

Lima, January 21, 2022. In coordination with the authorities, Repsol delivered to the  action schedule for the cleanup of the area currently affected by the spill in La Pampilla Refinery to the Ministry of the Environment. According to the schedule, we expect to complete the beaches and the maritime area cleanup by the end of February.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the affected area in and around the sea and soil with our equipment, and we will continuously update the schedule and share it with the authorities.

Aiuká Consultoría Ambiental, internationally recognized for the rescue of marine fauna in oil incidents, and ERM (Environmental Resources Management) are advising us. In addition, we continued to coordinate with SERFOR (National Forestry and Wildlife Service) and SERNANP (National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State)., and joined by LAMOR Corporation which specializes in beach cleaning.

Additionally, we would like to announce that:

1. To date, we have removed more than 1,580 m3 of compromised sand.
2. We have more than 840 people trained for this cleaning work, with PPE (personal protective equipment). In addition, we have 29 units of heavy machinery for this work and 5 ambulances have been made available in the area to attend to any medical situation.
3. The cleanup work includes the beaches of Costa Azul, Ventanilla, Cavero, Pachacutec, Bahía Blanca, Playa Chica, Playa Grande, Isla Mata Cuatro, Balneario Marina Sur, Balneario de la Marina, Norte Miramar, Pocitas and Conchitas.
4. For work at sea, we have 13 major vessels, 31 smaller vessels, three (3) skimmers (marine cleaning machines), and six (6) floating tanks.
5. Yesterday, Thursday, we met with the President of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vásquez, to inform her of the progress and reaffirm our commitment and  to remedy the impact generated. We have also met with the Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo Gonzalez; the Minister of the Environment, Ruben Jose Ramirez; and the Vice Minister of Environmental Management, Mariano Castro, at our facilities.
6. We reached an agreement with four (4) fishermen associations of Ventanilla to provide support.
7. Many Repsol employees have expressed their desire to support the cleanup efforts. Therefore, we organized groups of company volunteers and will provide them with training and the necessary PPE to contribute to different tasks. To them, all our thanks. In accordance with its usual procedures for this type of situation, Repsol continues with the internal investigation, previously initiated, to guarantee the follow-up of the protocol foreseen in its contingency plan.

Once again, we reiterate our commitment to mitigate and repair the effects of the spill, generated by sudden and extraordinary anomalous waves produced by the volcanic eruption in Tonga. We reaffirm our commitment to respond effectively and transparently to the public and the competent authorities, prioritizing the people and communities, and providing all the necessary resources during the entire duration of the current situation, with the advice of technical experts in the field.