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Diego Echeverri


February 9, 2022February 24th, 2022Testimonials

Diego Echeverri, Country Manager and Regional Advisor of LAMOR PERU, explains the Bow Collector system, a skimmer that allows the removal of large oil slicks more quickly.

Continuing with the work to clean the oil spill that has occurred at the La Pampilla Refinery, a new remediation system has recently been implemented.

LAMOR PERU, one of the companies in charge of these tasks has been implementing different techniques to efficiently respond to the spill. It announced that the Bow Collector system has recently been added.

“We are incorporating the Bow Collector system, a 100% selective skimmer that allows us to remove large oil slicks more quickly, being more efficient and speeding up the response processes,” explained Diego Echeverri.

Echeverri also commented that the implementation of these new techniques is in line with the changes in behavior of hydrocarbons over time, thus aiming at greater efficiency and making use of the best in technology and equipment.


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